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Thursday, May 28, 2015

A Beauty Adventure

Hello Lovelies!

So yesterday I wrote about Karita, of Karita's Handmade, but what I didn't tell you is that she has a beautiful daughter who is also an entrepreneur. Miss Emory followed in her mother's "beauty product" footsteps, and has a pure and natural mineral makeup line called Esme Mineral Makeup.
She has a booth with Karita, at the Farmer's Market, and you can also find her pretties on Etsy.

I personally love mineral makeup! So I was very excited to try her "all natural" line. The mineral foundation is great! The foundation is light-weight, while giving awesome coverage! You can also add this to your favorite moisturizer, for a tinted moisturizer look.

I have also tried her mineral blush in Cheeky, which I like to use on my eyes as well.

The eyeshadows I found to be just lovely. The pigment is true to what you see in her pictures. And I like that if you add a little water on your liner brush, you can apply it as a liner. My favorites of the Esme colors are: Pink Champagne, Marshmallow, Raspberry Cream, and Black Velvet. I can't wait to try more!

Now, Esme also has a wonderful lip tint lipstick. It is slightly sheer and feels amazing on your lips. I use these like a lip balm, because they condition my lips. The one that I like is the Merlot. 

So I have to say, that I just love Esme Mineral Makeup! She has a great, "all natural" product that delivers good coverage, with long lasting, beautiful results!

I just love when I find these type of products, natural, handmade, wonderful products to enhance my beauty! It also is an added bonus to find a small businesses owner that I can support. Do you have any artisans or local market vendors that you love? I would love to hear your stories! Until next time...


Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Squeaky Clean Adventure

Hello lovelies!

For years now, I have been into reducing the amount of chemicals that are in the beauty and personal care products that we use. I have experimented with making my own deodorant, lotion, shampoo, soap, lipgloss & hair pomade; just to name a few. Now, my family has really liked some of my products, and others they refuse to use! Stay tuned for more posts about that later!

Anyhow, I recently met a wonderful woman named Karita. She has an all natural soap & skincare line. She even has pet care products! Karita has been a part of the Farmer's Market for over 20 years.  Her wonderful all natural soaps are also featured in several of the stores around the area. Well I just had to see what all the buzz was about, so I tried some of her products.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Veggie Garden Adventure

Hello Lovelies!

Have you noticed the increase in the amount of news articles being written about food safety? It is actually quite concerning. So, in an effort to know where our food comes from, and how it is handled, my family and I decided to try our hand at growing a vegetable garden. Not only would this be a good teaching opportunity, but if the garden was a success then we might just be able to enjoy the fruits of our labor.

I started my research on Pinterest, of course. I wanted to know how to do an efficient raised bed garden. Being that we live in California, in the middle of the worst drought in years, it would also have to be drought friendly. Oh, and I also wanted to use recycled wood or containers. My husband, Captain Awesome, was able to score some scrap wood and built a couple of raised boxes.

On a trip to Costco, I happend upon an Organic Garden Seed Variety Pack. I have never had experience growing anything from seed, but a package of 16 organic seed packets for under $20, I thought it was worth a try. This package also appealed to me because it had seeds for veggies, fruit, & a salsa garden! It mapped out which plants could grow together, and how much you could yield from a 4 foot by 4 foot container. It was all set up like "Gardening for Dummies".

So, I had my girls start planting the seeds in seed pots, the ones that are biodegradable, so that we could put them directly into the soil. Cucumbers popped up first! We were so excited! Then the others followed. This little garden has turned into quite a project.

Well now a nice little crop has come in! We had a couple heads of butter lettuce, and lots of sugar snap peas, beets, and bush beans.

The zucchini, squash, strawberries and melons are coming along nicely, but the peppers are taking their sweet time. Now it is a constant struggle to keep the pests away. We found diatomaceous earth to be helpful for keeping the snails and slugs out, and a host of other benefits, (more to come on diatomaceous earth in a different post).

So that is a small glimpse into our little garden. More adventures to come, I am sure!


Monday, May 25, 2015

A New Adventure


I'm Tiffany, a wife, mother, home educator, and wannabe artisan. I love to DIY, create, repurpose, and find beauty in the world around me. So, I thought I would share some of my adventures! You know, the adventures that happen in just simply living everyday life in this wild world! 

These days, I am on a constant quest to find out how to "DIY" anything and everything! I am totally intrigued by the millions of blogs & tutorials found on Pinterest! Any of you know the ones I'm talking about? The pins for making your own beauty products from the items in your pantry, or how to make that dining room set for just a fraction of the price? Or what about: "how to make anything on earth from a pallet"? 

Well, being surrounded by all of this inspiration, just means that there is always some type of craft project, or concoction going on in the house. So, after some encouragement from my family & friends, I figured I would start to share some of these successes and failures with the world! Sharing is caring, right? And so my lifestyle blog was born! 

I can't wait to share a tiny glimpse from my little spot on the planet! I hope you enjoy!