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Friday, June 26, 2015

California Road Trip

Hello Fabulous People!

Thinking of taking a road trip this summer? Well, there are some wonderful places to visit in California. We have a little bit of everything here, the ocean, mountains, valleys, deserts, and forests. One of my family's favorite spots is in Fort Bragg, on the Mendocino Coast.

Although the water is quite chilly, it is absolutely beautiful! There is plenty to do around Fort Bragg & Mendocino. We often camp at MacKerricher State Park. The campsites are just a short walk away from the beach.

Friday, June 19, 2015

Summer Sandals

Hello Fabulous People!

In keeping with my summertime series, I thought we'd move on to feet. No summer outfit is complete without a pair of cute sandals. Time for you to show off your toes!

1.  Jessica Simpsom Radiant Flat Sandal
2.  Sanuk Yoga Sling Print
3.  Sole My Heart Wedge Sandal by Kenneth Cole
4.  J.Crew Valencia Fabric Espadrilles
5.  Mia Nubuck Leather Suede Sandal 
6.  Myrna 2.0 Corallo Korkease Sandal
7.  Born Willette Wedge Sandal  
8.  Original Salt Water Sandal 
9.  Tandy Sparkle Leaf Flat Thongs by Carlos Santana
10. Lydie Hala Navy Nubuck Sandals by Clarks 

Now you can simply wear sandals, or you can adorn your feet with some pretty polish, or baubles & bling! Check out my Exclusively Etsy Collection of items!

1. Personalized Sterling Silver Toe Rings
2. Sand Dollar & Starfish Toe Ring
3. Patterned Toe Ring by Adora Bella
4. ILNP Nail Lacquer
5. Gold Feather Nail Metal Charms
6. Blue Stripes Nail Adhesive
7. Dainty Bow Anklet
8. Sterling Many Flower Chain Anklet
9. Love Birds Anklet

Happy feet make for a happy summer! Happy shopping!


Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Infused Water Chillers

Hello Fabulous People!

Things are beginning to heat up outside, so it seems that cool drinks are in demand. Now, I am a water drinker for sure. Nothing quenches my thirst, not tea or soda, just water. Although I love plain water, it can get boring, and it's nice to change it up a bit. I often infuse my water, by adding a lemon wedge or cucumber slices. Yesterday my darling daughter made a delicious blend! It was so refreshing! This inspired her to make a few more infusions, all of them were so good, that I thought I would share her ideas with you.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Maxi Madness!

Hello Fabulous People,

With vacation still on my mind, I thought I would start to shop for some lovely clothes for my summer travels. I am absolutely in love with the Maxi trend right now! Cool, comfortable, easy to pack items are my fav. You can't forget to accessorize, and you just gotta love the handmade gems available on Etsy. There are so many wonderful things to choose from, I just had to share some of my favorites! Happy shopping!

1. Iridescent Peacock Earrings by WooJoo - $32.00
1.  Silver Branch Earrings by Dana Castle - $22.50
2.  Halter Neck Print Dress by Bobeau - $29.97
3.  Three Minimalist Sterling Silver Cuff Bracelet by Misluo - $165.58
4.  INC Printed Keyhole Maxi Dress - $97.99
5.  Tabbed Sleeve Vintage Maxi Dress by Love Zoe - 29.97
6.  Floral Ruffle Chiffon Maxi Dress by Want & Need - $29.97
7.  Sterling Silver Thin Coral Stacking Ring by Colby June Jewelry - $38.00
8.  Silver Coral Earrings by Phaedora J Design - $18.00
9.  70's Paisley Cuff Bracelet by Henny Faire Co - $15.00
10. Floral Print Tiered Maxi Dress by Style&Co - $41.99

I hope this has inspired you to get your summer on! I would love to hear about some of your favorite pieces, please feel free to comment and share!


Monday, June 8, 2015

Summer Apricot Vanilla Jam

Hello Fabulous People,

Don't you just love this time of year? When all of the lovely fruits and vegetables come into season. Well, last week, my wonderful friend let us come and pick apricots from her tree. We gathered quite a few, actually more than we could eat before they would go bad, so I decided to try making a pectin free, freezer jam. I had never made jam before, but my family loves the homemade jam that our friend makes, so I thought I would give it a try.

This Summer Apricot Vanilla Jam is really yummy! Enjoy with your favorite scone or bread, or add it to the top of vanilla ice cream. It's like summer in a jar, so I just had to share the recipe with you.
Bon appetit!

Friday, June 5, 2015

DIY Molten Jewelry

Hello Fabulous People!

One of the DIY projects that I absolutely love to dabble in, is jewelry making! I love all types of jewelry projects, repurposing vintage finds, playing with polymer clay, beading, you name it. If it's an accessory project, I'm in! So I am very excited to share how I made these earrings, and what medium I've been playing with!

Being a bit bored with the materials I had been working with, I wanted to try something unconventional, and turned to Pinterest for inspiration. I happened to see a Mod Podge Melts post, which led me to a tutorial on Debbie Doo's blog. The project was for using these elements in your home decor, but I thought they would be cute as jewelry or hair accessories. Being full of inspiration, I was ready to go! The only problem, I didn't have all the lovely Mod Podge brand items to work with, yet! Being the impatient person that I am, I thought I would work with what I had, until I got to the craft store again.

The items that I had on hand were, resin molds, hot glue, glitter, and acrylic paints. So I started playing around with my materials. I filled up some of my resin molds with the hot glue, boy was that a mistake! I could not get the glue out! Feeling a bit bummed out, I started doodling with the hot glue on the parchment paper, a kind of "connect the dots" motif. That motif, morphed into some pretty cool shapes. So I decided to throw some paint on them, and turn them into pendants, earrings, and hair accessories.

Monday, June 1, 2015

Vacation Adventures

Hello Lovelies,

So is it just me, or do you have vacation on your mind, too? I can't wait to start planning our next adventure! On that note, I thought I would draw some inspiration from some of the fashion trends, and hidden jewels I've been noticing on EtsyModcloth, and Pinterest!

Flamingo Inspiration!

1. Something to Squawk About Lip Balm on Modcloth - $7.99
2. Daphnea Flamingo Top on Lily - $31.58 (based on Euro conversion as of June 1, 2015)
3. Double Coin Purse, Pink flamingos by Eleven Roosters on Etsy - $39.00
4. Flamingo Earrings by Bijoux Sandrine Devost on Etsy - $27.97
5. Pink Flamingo iPhone Case by Percasive on Etsy - $17.00
6. It's High Time Shorts, in Flamingo on Modcloth - $39.00
7. Get This Glow on the Road Weekend Bag on Modcloth - $54.99
8. Girls Necks Door Flat - by Keds on Modcloth - $49.99

Disney Inspiration!

1. Peter Pan Stud Earrings by MegaFandom on Etsy - $7.95
2. Peter Pan Ears by to Never Neverland on Etsy - $29.00
3. Royal Blue Pashmina by WeddingStore on Etsy - $12.00
4. Tinker Bell Locket by Disney Couture - $79.00
5. Never Grow Up Hand Stamped Ring by WompWare on Etsy - $21.95
6. Second Star to the Right Bracelet by Timeless Maiden on Etsy - $24.50
7. Angel Print Galaxy Dress by Rower, Blanca Billanes on Romwe - $48.99
8. Pack and Forth Weekend Bag by Herschel Supply Co. on Modcloth - $79.99
9. Sanuk Yoga Sling 2 on Sanuk - $36.00

As you can see, these were a mix of items you can find at stores online, and then the handmade, one-of-a-kind gems, that I just love! I hope you have enjoyed these collections! Don't forget to support small business owners, like our Etsy crafters, and don't forget your sunscreen!