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Thursday, June 11, 2015

Maxi Madness!

Hello Fabulous People,

With vacation still on my mind, I thought I would start to shop for some lovely clothes for my summer travels. I am absolutely in love with the Maxi trend right now! Cool, comfortable, easy to pack items are my fav. You can't forget to accessorize, and you just gotta love the handmade gems available on Etsy. There are so many wonderful things to choose from, I just had to share some of my favorites! Happy shopping!

1. Iridescent Peacock Earrings by WooJoo - $32.00
1.  Silver Branch Earrings by Dana Castle - $22.50
2.  Halter Neck Print Dress by Bobeau - $29.97
3.  Three Minimalist Sterling Silver Cuff Bracelet by Misluo - $165.58
4.  INC Printed Keyhole Maxi Dress - $97.99
5.  Tabbed Sleeve Vintage Maxi Dress by Love Zoe - 29.97
6.  Floral Ruffle Chiffon Maxi Dress by Want & Need - $29.97
7.  Sterling Silver Thin Coral Stacking Ring by Colby June Jewelry - $38.00
8.  Silver Coral Earrings by Phaedora J Design - $18.00
9.  70's Paisley Cuff Bracelet by Henny Faire Co - $15.00
10. Floral Print Tiered Maxi Dress by Style&Co - $41.99

I hope this has inspired you to get your summer on! I would love to hear about some of your favorite pieces, please feel free to comment and share!



  1. Thanks so much for including HennyFaireCo's Paisley cuff bracelet in your gorgeous collection, Tiffany. I glad to have discovered your blog. I could use some more beautiful inspiration.

    1. The pleasure was mine! Love your Paisley Cuff! Thanks!