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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

National Lipstick Day

Hello Fabulous People!

National Lipstick Day!?! Yes, there is a National Day for just about everything! But I gotta say, it gives me an excuse to talk about one of my favorite things, MAKEUP! Sharing with you just a couple of my favorites....

I am obsessed with Esme Minerals Lipstick! So many lovely colors! Two of my favorites are Rosita & Flambe. The Rosita is part of her Lip Tint collection, and I love the gold undertones. I wear this almost daily, as it softens & conditions my lips. So silky! 

The Flambe is part of her new, more vibrant collection, and it is a wonderful bright coral color. It is quickly becoming my new favorite, for when I want a kick of color. Another plus, she uses all natural ingredients, so your lips feel great while wearing it, and for hours after! Gotta love & support small business. Love, love, love Esme Mineral Makeup! Keep up the good work! 

Now let's talk about NARS. I recently picked up my new favorite Red Lip Pencil at Sephora. If you are into the Classic Red Lip, the "vintage pout", you just gotta try the Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Cruella! This pencil is awesome! I was truly impressed with how creamy and silky this felt. Not your typical dry pencil! And this stayed vibrant for most of the day! Great job NARS! A perfect addition to my vintage wardrobe!

I would love to hear about any of your favorite lipsticks, please feel free to share! Happy National Lipstick Day!


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